• Sep 13, 2016
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Beautiful Design Made Simple Fall 2016 Magazine Preview

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From clothes to pillow, fall is all about layering. That being said, we thought it was fitting to add a few extra layers to this year's fall issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple magazine. A comprehensive collection of beautiful interiors, informative articles and exclusive designer insight (plus, a bonus 25 page holiday insert!), this issue is overflowing with inspiration and must-have designer advice. Here’s a sneak peek of the articles you can expect to see in our upcoming fall issue:

Fall Color Palettes

Pantone’s chosen colors for fall 2016 transcend clothing design to interiors, offering a variety of hues that are perfectly fit for fall-inspired décor. The below interior showcases just one of the three Pantone-inspired palettes we curated for this article.  

Characteristics of Hardwood

Hardwood has long been thought of as the ultimate choice in flooring, offering longevity and a wide range of breathtaking visuals. In this article, we offer an overview of hardwood flooring options, focusing on the varying characteristics of species and methods of construction.  


A Designer’s Perspective

HGTV Designer, Melissa Davis, offer’s a designer perspective on the benefits of hiring a professional, “Working with a designer means allowing someone into your lives who will listen to your wish list. Letting in someone who knows how to solve everyday problems through the reworking and improving of your physical environment.”  

Melissa Davis

Holiday Inspiration

There’s nothing quite like the spirit of the holidays and the inspired interiors that ensue. From simple décor statements to stunning schemes, we’ve compiled décor inspiration and ideas for the upcoming season. 

Holiday Decor Inspiration

The Fall 2016 Issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple will be live Thursday, September 22nd. The magazine will be available for download or can be viewed online by visiting carpetone.com/bdms.  

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