How to Prevent Carpet Fading

Keep your carpet looking new with these tips to prevent fading

There is nothing quite like enjoying the look and feel of brand new carpeting. But, from the moment that your new carpet is exposed to direct sunlight and you begin to tread a path across the room, it will begin to fade. Some of that fading is completely unavoidable, but most severe fading can be prevented with a little extra work. 

Sun Damage to Carpet

The easiest thing you can do to prevent your new carpets from fading quickly is to limit their exposure to direct sunlight. This means keeping your blinds and curtains closed during the day when a room is not in use. Only open up the blinds when you are actually in the room. If you invest in ultraviolet light-blocking window treatments, you may be able to prevent regular sun fading without having to keep your blinds closed during the day.

How Can You Prevent Carpet Fading?

Another great way to protect your carpets from fading is to purchase a fluorocarbon protector solution. This easy-to-use product can be used as a temporary barrier to prevent carpet fading, but it must be reapplied regularly in order to work properly. Additionally, carpeting can fade in areas that see heavy traffic, so be aware of what you track across your floors. Never wear dirty shoes in the home and avoid walking around with lotions, ointments, and any other products that may leave a residue on the bottom of your feet.

Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips

While it is impossible to prevent all fading on your new carpets, you may be able to reverse early fading with a simple salt water solution. After vacuuming to remove excess dirt and debris, combine equal parts salt and hot water in a bowl. Stir to dissolve the salt completely and apply solution to carpets with a damp rag. Allow the carpet to dry, and then be sure to vacuum away excess salt. This should restore some of the color to the carpet.

While some carpets can look fine with a small amount of fading, it's important to protect your investment with regular carpet cleaning. If you are unsure of the best approach for maintaining your carpets, it's always a good idea to speak with the experts at Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One in Oneida, NY.