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What Kind of Carpet padding is Best?

There are some pretty amazing innovations in carpet these days, such as waterproof to stain resistant and amazingly soft. So it can be hard to imagine you’d need to add anything extra, especially to pad down those already luxurious fibers. Although it is true that adding carpet cushion, or carpet pad, can provide a great feel, the more important aspect is the protection it provides to the carpet above and the subfloor below. Similar to how a canvas backing will protect an area rug, make it more durable and protect the flooring underneath, carpet padding will increase the lifetime of your carpet. Read below to find out how to install carpet in the most effective way.

How Long is a Carpet Pad Good for?

Think about your phone (as if that’s so hard to do). Phones have evolved a lot thanks to technological innovations that have made them perform well and look very sleek. When you’re buying a new phone, do you think twice about protecting it with a case? The vast majority of people buying phones see a case as a necessary expense to protect their investment. The same is true of carpet cushion; having it can take the pressure off of and save you from being extra cautious and careful.

So you’ve thought about it and you can agree that carpet cushion is a great addition. The next steps are to choose the right material for you carpet. Carpet cushion can be made out of rubber, foam and other fibers. 

Tip: It is especially important in high traffic areas to use thin and dense cushion to absorb all the footsteps.

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