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Carpet Texture Types

Soft and warm, there’s no wonder carpet is the most popular flooring choice for residential and commercial properties. Carpet is so versatile and is available in a variety of textures, fibers and colors. The best part? You can mix any level of these three qualifiers together to achieve your dream carpet!

Carpet Pile Types

Carpet texture is all about the pile. There are three major categories of carpet pile; cut piles, loop piles, and combination piles.

Cut Pile

Cut pile includes strands of yarn that are cut at the ends. This results in a very soft feel.

Within cut pile there are five major groups; velvet, Saxony, frieze carpet, shag and cable, and all of these differ in texture based on the amount of twist in each strand of yarn. This will also affect the longevity of your carpet, from velvet which will show everything from footprints to vacuum marks to cable, which has a lot of twist and height and are good for higher traffic areas.

Loop Carpet Pile

Loop pile loops all the yarns together instead of cutting them and because of this has long lasting strength and soil-hiding capabilities. Loop pile is often used in high traffic or commercial areas.

Within loop pile there are two major types; level loop and multi-level loop. In level loop carpet, the strands are all the same height and are good at resisting matting from foot traffic and furniture. Level loop is the more durable type of loop carpet. Multi-level loop will have two or three different strand heights which creates a patterned effect and a casual style!

Combination Carpet Pile

Combination pile includes cut and loop yarn strands. There are two major types of combination piles: random shear and level cut and loop. As the names imply, the first type is cut and fastened in a random fashion to create a softer texture while the level combination will be pieced together all at the same height.

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