Top Carpet Trends

Learn about our carpet brands, styles, colors, and patterns

Carpet Trends

One of the very first things people notice when they enter a house is the carpet. There are as many different types available as there are colors, making the possibilities endless. But there are some trends that have persisted throughout time, become ever popular, and created a buzz for interior decorators.

Carpet Color Trends

Colors: Some of the more popular colors that always tend to be the safe choice for showing a house are the neutral or warm tones. Tan, brown, and earthy colors allow potential buyers to imagine the possibilities. Of course, when it’s time to decorate, that’s when the brighter colors make their appearance. Nowadays, carpet colors come in bold hues like bright orange and grass green, among others that allow for personalization and individuality.

Wall to Wall Carpet Trends

Textures: Along with the color, the texture can increase the function of carpet flooring. Wool carpet is obviously going to be warmer, but it’s likely also going to be softer on the feet. This is a plus for people who walk around their house in socks or bare feet often. On the same end of that spectrum is cashmere carpet. It’s as soft as wool and offers the same benefits without the same expense.

Modern Carpet Trends

Innovation: With all the major push to be more environmentally friendly, carpets now offer just that. Technology in recycling has allowed new types to be developed from material that are used everyday. Likewise, it’s not unusual to also find carpet that resists stains, has anti-allergen properties, or are designed specifically for certain types of pets.
Retro Designs: Who says shag carpet flooring is out of date? For some rooms, if a retro look is sought, these are perfect for creating a nostalgic look and feel. If that’s too daring, there is also the whimsical, playful, and abstract carpet that brings about certain looks, and when paired with certain colors and textures, the possibilities are endless when trying to duplicate a specific genre, decade, or event.

Carpet flooring has come a long way and there are many different styles, colors, and features to choose from. Finding one to suit any home shouldn’t be a difficult task. There is a carpet for every house. From the ever-persistent neutral and warm colors to carpet that resists stains, there is no shortage of selections. It is safe to say that carpet isn’t just for a nice, airy feel anymore. Now, it serves a unique, functional purpose.

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