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Flooring Ideas in Oneida, NY

Flooring Ideas in Oneida, NY

Your floors. They literally play a role in holding your home together. Your floors are the base that ties a room together. At Mazzullo Carpet One in Oneida, NY, we are here to help you make the choice. We can answer any question you may have about flooring from options to installation and more. Visit with our knowledgeable staff of flooring consultants to tell them more about your needs and to learn more about our products. Needless to say, choosing the right type of flooring to fit your lifestyle is an important start to a new project.

We have compiled our list of top flooring options and their features to guide you through the process of narrowing your options!


Carpet is the most common flooring in residential homes. Carpet is soft and inviting, making it a great option if you have children. Carpet will also help cushion a fall, and with small children running around you’ll definitely want something safe. There are many different options when it comes to carpet such as the fibers used. These fibers affect the texture and performance of the carpet. Carpet is better suited for bedrooms, dens or playrooms and is not as well-suited for bathrooms or kitchens. This is because carpet is not moisture-proof and will retail liquids or other soils more easily.


Hardwood is an oldie but goodie. Hardwood is a classic choice and a great investment since hardwood floors are built to last the life of a home. Hardwood holds its own against heavy furniture and foot traffic. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Hardwood is best suited for places like entryways or dining rooms, adding a formal flare while still withstanding the goings on in the room. Hardwood is not well-suited for bathrooms or basements as moisture can cause hardwood planks to warp and buckle.


Vinyl is made from a mix of durable materials. The process to install vinyl either involved peeling and sticking tiles or clicking and locking planks together. This method results in a seamless floor, meaning no moisture or other allergens can get through the floor. This makes vinyl a great choice for rooms with moisture like bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms. A newer type of vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, can be made to look like natural materials such as ceramic, stone or hardwood. LVT and vinyl are great budget-friendly options that don’t skimp on style!


Another popular flooring option for high moisture areas is tile. Ceramic tile can go in so many places, in your home and outdoors! Ceramic tile can even be used on countertops, walls and other places which can open up a whole slew of design options. Tiles are also installed one by one which means you can definitely achieve a pattern or look you love. Tile is waterproof, fireproof and very easy to clean. Tile can get a little slippery though because of its glazed surface, so if you’re using tile in a bathroom make sure to add a bath mat.

We hope these tidbits and flooring ideas bring you one step closer to finding the best floor for you!

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