Home Design Tips Oneida, NY

home design tips oneida, ny

Starting a new project can take a lot of inspiration before you can start on the implementation. From how a room will function to the layout you want, there are a lot of things to review when it comes to interior design inspiration. But home design can also be amazingly fun! We’re here to help you keep it fun instead of overwhelming with some easy tips and starting points you can use as inspiration for your next room refresh. Looking to learn more? Come visit the Mazzullo and Sons Carpet One showroom or look around our website for more information. We are proud to serve the homes and businesses of Oneida, NY and the surrounding areas.

Five home design ideas to use in your next room:

Start Simple
Starting simple is always our number one tip. Once you’ve established a base color or material to work off of, then you can bring in the embellishments and flourishes to make the room stand out.

Use your space creatively
Storage doesn’t have to remain in those ugly plastic bins any more. By utilizing places like your kitchen island, under your staircase or your walls, you can make cabinets and cubbies a stylish focal point of your room.

Add some brightness

Color can really add to a room, and you can use color in anything from furniture to art or even accent accessories. Things like a bright or patterned area rug can add an exciting pop while a graphic wallpaper accent wall can turn a mundane room into a bold space. If you want to start with something small, lamps and throw pillows are an easy way to introduce color.

Bring in some culture
Exotic motifs and products are a very current trend. This trend is brought in part by the eco-friendly attributes a lot of these products possess, such as the sustainability of cork and bamboo. Accessorize your natural floors with similar color schemes or natural finishes.

Make it yours

Maybe the most important tip to remember is to make it your own! Take ideas from your favorite fruits, flowers or patterns.

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