Invincible H20

100% Waterproof Flooring

H20 LVT Flooring

Maintaining a perfectly clean household with kids and pets running around is never an easy task. At times it can feel impossible, especially if your floor is showing the repercussions of the everyday wear. Those scratches, scuffs, dents, and stains aren’t going away anytime soon, so instead of trying to hide these blemishes with awkward furniture positions, upgrade to a resilient floor that is pet and kid approved. The LVT floor, Invincible H20 is known for its ability to mimic the handcrafted design looks and feel of real hardwood.

Invincible Waterproof Flooring

LVT floors have quickly become a favorite for homeowners, especially in high traffic areas in homes, due to their ability to resist water and look like a real hardwood floor. Nonetheless, Invincible H20 isn’t just water resistant, but 100% waterproof. Invincible H20 is truly “tough as nails” for it’s able to lock out leaks and prevent any water or liquids from seeping to the subfloor. Having such a resilient floor makes it perfect for kitchens, basements, bathrooms, and mudrooms. In addition, Invincible H20 is pet-proof due to its ceramic fused finish that provides extra strength.

Invincible H20 Vinyl Plank Seal

As mention before, Invincible H20’s locking system prevents leaks. In addition, these floors are also constructed with a rigid core that can go over many existing floors without revealing what it underneath. Cement floors in basements aren’t a problem, and Invincible H20 will never shrink, expand, gap, or curl due to this support core.

Waterproof Construction

Invincible H20 floors are constructed with a cork foundation, which not only creates quieter floors but also ensures an even finish. Kids and pets running around upstairs can cause a headache, but Invincible H20 will absorb the obnoxious sound of feet running around. Another important feature to Invincible H20 is that the floors feature extra wide and extra-long planks.


If you are looking for a resilient floor for your home or a floor for the high traffic areas, Invincible H20 should be your top pick. Keeping a floor looking pristine after years of use is hard for some homeowners, but not for ones with and Invincible H20 floor. Not only does this LVT floor provide waterproof flooring, but extra assurance with its Lifetime warranty for wear, fade, stains, rips, tears, dents, water, and installation.

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