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Having the right floor in your home means that you aren’t worrying about every day wear, or how it will be affected by pets and kids. Likewise, the right floor is one that matches your current home décor but is also timeless. Invincible Hardwood floors are the perfect example of the right floor for your home. This hardwood brand is a Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home favorite due to its natural charm, Intensity Surface Shield, Tru-Grain sealant, and advanced milling techniques.

Intensity Surface Shield- Hardwood Flooring Finish

Invincible Hardwood’s most notable feature is its Intensity Surface Shield. This shield is constructed with layers of aluminum oxide and infused with nanoparticles. You might be asking yourself: “What does this all mean?” this means you are getting the strongest resistance to scratches, scuffs, and wear; and thus you can enjoy the natural beauty of this hardwood floor even after years of use.


Along with the Intensity Surface Shield, the Tru-Grain sealant provides visual clarity to the hardwood. In other words, the sealant provides extra protection from spills while enhancing the color, detailing, and natural knots and grain of the hardwood. Having a hardwood floor in your home means you want a timeless and natural look in your home. Nonetheless, you don’t want the beautiful and authentic look of the hardwood to disappear over time. Invincible Hardwood ensures that your floor will continue to maintain its beauty, strength, and durability over time.

Plankperfect- Hardwood Flooring Installation

As an extra incentive, Invincible Hardwood has developed an advanced milling system that uses computerized sawing and a laser cutting system for a tighter tongue and groove fit. Having a hardwood floor perfectly cut ensures that water, liquids, and other spills will not seep through the cracks of the floor.

Invincible Hardwood is more than just another hardwood brand. Its high-quality milling system, surface shield, and sealant provide extra assurance that your floor will last and not succumb to years of use.

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