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LVT Flooring in Oneida, NY

What is Vinyl?

Vinyl flooring is the most popular type of resilient flooring. Vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride and can be combined with a number of other fillers, pigments and compounds to achieve different colors and levels of flexibility and hardness. The manufacturing process also determines vinyl’s shape, from sheets to tiles or planks.

How does vinyl stack up?

Now, vinyl is available in luxury lines of tiles and planks that mimic natural flooring materials such as hardwood, stone or tile. Also called LVT, these luxury vinyl flooring pieces contain all the resiliency of a manufactured floor with all the aesthetic appeal of a natural material all at a lower price!

Installing Vinyl

Installing vinyl has become much easier and adds to the enhanced look of LVT flooring. Vinyl can be installed using a peel and stick method, where different tiles can be placed together to create unique designs, or in a click and lock method, where planks are pieced together over a subfloor. Clicking and locking planks together in random patterns will make them resemble hardwood more realistically.

Where to use Vinyl

Vinyl is a very versatile flooring option when it comes to placement in the home. Because of how vinyl is made, the result is a moisture-resistant, seamless and strong floor that can work well in any room from kitchen to bathroom to study or living room. You can even choose LVT for your bathroom and planks for your kitchen to maintain the performance value of the vinyl but change up the look!

At Mazzullo Carpet One in Oneida, NY, we have many wonderful luxury vinyl products for you to choose from. Call today or come in to our showroom to take a look!