Mudroom Floors

Give your Mudroom Floor the strength it needs

What are The Best Mudroom Flooring Options?

Your poor mudroom, it never seems to catch a break from the ever changing seasons. And unfortunately, spring is here, which means more mud, water, dirt, and leftover salt from the winter. Though your mudroom floor was able to stand up to the high traffic for a while, the scuffs, fading, and warping is making for a less than inviting entry way. At Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, we provide the highest performance floors in the industry, so this spring and for many springs after, your mudroom will be looking pristine.

Top LVT Brands

LVT floors such as COREtec Plus and Invincible H20 have become increasingly popular. Being 100% waterproof and resistant to stains, LVT floors are a great addition to your mudroom. With COREtec Plus and Invincible H20 offering floors that mimic the look of real hardwood and tile, you will be able to create a warm feeling for guests when they walk into your mudroom. Additionally, imagine how many will be amazed to see a hardwood floor as your mudroom, or so they think. If you have hardwood floors throughout your home, LVT flooring brands offer a variety of choices to choose from so you will be able to mimic the hardwood in the rest of your home. Yet, when it comes to your mudroom, the most important quality is durability. LVT floors will not expand, contract, or swell in moisture settings. These floors are completely resistant to water, and their innovative locking system will prevent dust, dirt, and other extremities from seeping into the cracks. 

Best Waterproof Flooring Options

You can’t go wrong with an LVT floor in your mudroom. Not only will you be saving money, but you will be getting a sustainable floor that will be around for many more springs. However, another mudroom flooring option is tile. 

Tile flooring is considered to be the most durable flooring option available. Seeing that tile is naturally resistant to water, stains, scuffs, and dents, you can relax completely during the muddy spring months. Water, mud, dirt, and salt won’t affect these floors. Tile is easy to maintain and incredibly versatile. You can’t forget that tile is used in showers, so you know it can stand up to the everyday commotion in your mudroom. If you desire a timeless look for your mudroom, then tile is the way to go. 

Whether you decide on an LVT or tile floors, you can’t go wrong with either. With our wide selection of LVT and tile options, you will be getting the perfect complement to your entry way. To learn more about mudroom flooring, contact Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, or visit our showroom in Quincy, MA.