Pet Friendly Flooring

These floors are the best choices for dogs and cats

What Kind of Flooring is best for Dogs?

Pets are so involved in people’s lives some people even consider them adopted children and definitely part of the family. However, the number one cause of quick damage to a home floor tends to be a pet. Fortunately, however, there are flooring options that can minimize if not outright eliminate the visible damage caused by pets to a home floor. Here are some of the most effective choices below.

Is Vinyl Flooring Good for Dogs?

Vinyl flooring often gets a bad rap from its early use in the 1970's were it was quite commonplace in tract homes and developments. Today’s vinyl tile flooring, however, is a far cry from the flooring’s ancestor. The modern version is quite durable, extremely tough, easy to install, and easy to replace in tile version. Even better, it’s extremely low cost compared to other flooring choices and very moisture resistant. As a result, it’s a top choice for pets who are prone to accidents and urine spills.

Scratch Resistant Wood Flooring

Folks can be forgiven for not thinking of bamboo as a great flooring wood, but anyone who has spent time in Asia will know immediately how effective and versatile the wood can be. Bamboo has a very rich color, but it is also an extremely hard wood. As a flooring material it is very scratch resistant, and moisture of any kind has a very hard time getting into the wood to warp it.

What Kind of Flooring is Best?

Concrete is used extensively in large commercial buildings with paint, stain and polishing. However, it’s rarely used in homes because most people want some kind of warm layer between the house foundation and their feet. That said, stamped and painted concrete is extremely resistant to anything a pet can possibly do to it, and it is a very cool temperature floor to have in very warm climates.

What is the Most Pet Friendly Rug?

Large rugs can provide a great barrier between a floor and a pet, but they are limited, especially where the rug ends. Further, they are not a guaranteed protection as moisture can leak through a rug eventually, especially if the pet leaves the mess when nobody is home for a few hours.

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