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At Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, we are known for our wide selection of  Serta Mattresses and Lay-Z-Boy furniture. However, another great mattress brand that we offer is Restonic Mattresses. 

“Since 1938, we have been supporting dreams by producing the highest quality sleep products. For more than three quarters of a century, we have contributed to more good nights than any other mattress company” – Restonic Mattresses

Restonic Comfort Care Mattresses

Having a high quality brand, like Lay-Z-Boy mattresses available at Mazzullo & Sons, means that our other mattress brands must be able to offer quality sleep performance.  Restonic Mattresses is a great brand providing comfort to many homeowners. If you don’t believe us, take their many awards into consideration; which include: The Consumer Digest Best Buy Award, and the Women’s Choice Award. In a survey given to Restonic Mattress users, 96% of the woman polled said that they would recommend Restonic to family and friends.

Though Restonic Mattresses is loved by many women, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a favorite among men. After a long day at work, the only thing you want to do is rest and get a good night’s sleep at that. Restonic Mattresses offers the ComfortCare Mattress, which is sure to give you the best sleep with its Marvelous Middle, Head-to-Toe Helical Coils, Airflow Border, Superledge Plus, and High Density Foam.

Marvelous Middle

The Marvelous Middle provides 25% more support in the middle of the mattress. Not only are you getting extra lumbar support, but it equalizes the pressure distribution across the body. No longer are you stuck in a saggy mattress. 

Head-to-Toe- Helical Coils

These coils are connected using the SpiraLoc Technology and creates a more stable mattress. This type of stability doesn’t mean your bed won’t break if you are jumping on it, it reduces the motion transfer between you and your partner. 

Airflow Border

This border allows air to flow throughout your mattress at night, so your mattress temperature stays neutral. Additionally, if allergies are a problem for you, this technology will keep the bedding fresh and reduces allergens. 

Superpledge Plus

This firm foam prevents the bed from sagging and prolongs the life of the mattress. 

Restonic Mattress Dealers

This foam provides durable and reinforced cushioning support, which relieves any pressure points. 

To learn more about Restonic Mattresses and the ComforCare Collection, contact Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One in Oneida, NY today. 

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