Tigressa Carpets

Tigressa carpets offer stain, fade, and water resistance

Top Carpet Brand

A Tigressa carpet isn’t just another carpet brand. Tigressa pushes the standards for all carpets by being that much more soft, rich, and strong. At Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home we understand that settling for a soft surface floor isn’t ideal, which is why we offer the top carpet and rug brands in the industry, including the Tigressa collection

Deciding on the right carpet for your home is no easy task, especially if you have to compromise between style, affordability, strength, and softness. Tigressa is anything but a compromise, for it offers the best styles along with sustainability and advancements in softness. 

What is the Best Brand of Carpet?

If you have never felt a Tigressa carpet, we suggest you make your way down to the Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home showroom. It isn’t enough for us to tell you how soft Tigressa carpet is, you need to feel it for yourself. However, you can thank this softer than life feature on the high-tensile denier filament. You may not know exactly what that is and that’s ok because any questions you have will be answered by our Mazzullow & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home sales team whom will help you through the entire process. The high-tensile denier filament is about half the size of human hair, which gives Tigressa carpets its impressively soft texture. 

Stain Resistant Carpet

Besides Tigressa’s ultra-soft texture, it is also stronger as a result of its fibers that are woven tightly together to protect against the everyday wear and tear. These nylon fibers allow the filaments to cover more square inches, which means wearing is spread among more individual fibers. 

Pet Friendly Carpet

It can be easy to brag about Tigressa with its many qualities, but what really separates this carpet brand from the competition is its rich colors. Tigressa has a patented color enhancement system that provides deeper and long lasting colors. What is better than having more color options that will continue to last years to come?

To learn more about Tigressa, including the other Tigressa collections, contact Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit our showroom in Oneida, NY