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Waterproof Carpet Construction

Waterproof Carpet

Live your life to the fullest with Tigressa H2O

You’re fully immersed in the shopping process. Or maybe, you’re just starting out. There are so many flooring options, products, materials, and also a lot of information out there. After all the information and factors, you’ve decided on carpet for your next purchase. Now the choices start all over again. Which is the right color or style for your taste? What will the best texture to suit your needs be? Just like with many of your household items and appliances, you tend to choose specific brands over others, and for specific reasons. At Mazzullo and Sons Carpet One in Oneida, NY, we are here to help you make those tough choices, and to start, we’re giving you a look at one of our most popular brands of carpet, Tigressa.

What Carpet Brand is Best?

Tigressa carpet has been part of the carpet one core family of brands for a while. It is known for being super soft yet also very durable. Most recently, Tigressa launched a very special product called Tigressa H2O. If you’re guessing this carpet has something to do with water, you’re right! Tigressa H2O is a waterproof carpet and actually repels water from sinking in to the carpet and seeping through. The special waterproof backing keeps stains and spills from ruining the carpet and makes cleanup easier than ever. Tigressa H2O is available in many colors and styles and maintains a soft feel.

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