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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Oneida, NY

Carpet can comfort your feet and transform your space, making it one of our favorite floors. Now there are more carpet options than ever before.


With a wide variety of both commercial and residential carpet in all your favorite brands and styles, Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home in Oneida, NY is proud to be greater Madison County’s destination for all types of soft-surface flooring.


Why Carpet?


Carpet can insulate your space, filter the air from harmful specks of dust, and warm your bare toes. It adds instant color and texture. Today there are  carpet options that are stain, odor, and moisture resistant. It’s now possible to enjoy carpet in any type of interior setting.


What Types of Carpet Are There?


Which type of carpet will work best for your home or business?


Taking a careful overview of your space and its uses will a serve you well. Is your space prone to excessive foot traffic? Do you have pets or small kids? All these factors should be considered in your decision.


The fibers of your new carpet, also called carpet pile, determine how your rug will both feel and function. Carpet pile can be both natural and synthetic.


  • Olefin is a synthetic fiber often seen in Berber-style weaves. Sturdy, colorful, and easy to clean, olefin is used in commercial spaces.


  • Polyester is another synthetic fiber often mistaken for nylon. An affordable alternative, modern polyester products are durable, so you won’t feel like you’re compromising.


  • Nylon is a synthetic fiber that’s one of the most popular options around. While nylon can be pricey, it’s considered worthwhile for its softness and sturdy build.


  • Triexta is a heavy-duty synthetic that’s exceptionally tough on stains. Made to manage the worst types of spills and moisture, triexta is a favorite of pet owners.


  • Wool is the most popular natural fiber around. Most wool carpets are colorful, and all are safe for allergy sufferers, as they prevent mold and mildew from taking hold.



Carpet of all fiber types is woven into three primary styles:



  • Cut-pile carpet has trimmed fibers of varying lengths for an inviting texture.
  • Loop-pile carpet comes from similar origins, but its looped endings are left as-is for a smooth surface.
  • Cut-loop carpet merges cut and loop pile for a lush surface that’s heavily textured.


Can I Have Carpet if I Have a Puppy?

YES! Today, there are hundreds of stain-resistant and moisture-friendly carpet choices.


Offered in every color, texture, pattern, and brand, stain-resistant carpets achieve their superpowers via coated fiber strands. Stain-resistant carpets can fight off even the harshest stains. Spills are blotted away using plain water and a clean towel, leaving no trace behind.


Choose 100% waterproof carpet if you have an active family. Kids and pets can damage your carpet, but waterproof carpet means you’re safe against accidental spills and everyday wear. Odors won’t linger and your new rug will last longer.


Where Can I Install Carpet?

Carpet should be avoided in the kitchen or bathroom, but fares fine everywhere else carefully chosen.


Heavier carpets designed for high-traffic fare best in hallways, entryways, and on stairs. Waterproof, stain-resistant carpets will work wonders in your living room or family room if you have a larger family.


What About Carpet Padding?

Don’t skimp on carpet cushion!


Adding carpet cushion, or a carpet pad, protects the carpet above and the subfloor below. Like canvas backing will protect an area rug, carpet padding will increase your carpet’s life.


In high traffic areas, use thin and dense cushion to absorb footsteps. The next steps are to choose the right material for you carpet cushion: it can be made from rubber, foam, and other fibers.


Can I Install My Own Carpet?


How your carpet is installed matters- and it matters more than most realize.


We encourage you to consider professional carpet installation. Professional services bring many benefits. With decades of experience, you’ll feel confident in a job well done when you install with us.


We proudly offer our exclusive Neutralize treatment with every carpet installation. Proven highly effective in germ-reduction,  Neutralize is applied to your clean, vacuumed subfloor before installation. The result is a space that’s 100% free of germs, microbes, mold, and even most viruses.


You’ll enjoy these incredible health-enhancements for up to 90 days following the installation, giving you and your loved ones ongoing peace of mind.


Shop Carpet Near You in Oneida, NY


At Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, we specialize in smarter flooring solutions. As proud members of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, we have incredible purchasing power, localized services, and competitive pricing.


We can even give advice on proper carpet care, such as removing pet hair.


To learn more about our carpet collection, or speak with our friendly flooring professionals, call us today at (315) 363-2390 or visit us soon at 104 Lenox Avenue.

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