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Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood


Hardwood is one of the most popular choices for flooring. It is a material that has a timeless feel, classic look, and is an enhancement to any room. But did you know there are different types of hardwood flooring? At Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, we can teach you about the different kinds of hardwood and how they could benefit your unique home and lifestyle.


What is Solid Hardwood?


Solid hardwood is made up of planks of wood that come directly from a tree. The planks can be various lengths and widths and are shaped to be ¾’’ thick. The planks have grooved edges, ensuring a tight fit during installation. Solid hardwood is versatile and can fit well into many rooms, but be wary of installing hardwood in a high moisture area such as a kitchen, since it expands and contracts due to changing moisture levels. One interesting fact about solid hardwood is that it can be refinished multiple times. That means you can make it look brand-new after years of installation! Solid hardwood is available in a variety of species and finishes, each with a specific look and feel. From white oak to maple and walnut, you can find solid hardwood that fits your design. For example, if you’re interested in the rustic look, consider our exclusive brand Rustic River™.


What is Engineered Hardwood?


While engineered hardwood is still made from hardwood, each plank is not a solid piece. Engineered hardwood is made up of layers of wood that are fused through a lamination process. The layers are fused together in a cross-ply pattern to achieve maximum durability and strength. Not all the layers will always be from the same species of wood, which makes engineered hardwood more affordable. If the bottom layers are made from a more common species, for instance, you will only be paying a premium price for the top layer. This means you’ll get the look you want at a better price! Engineered hardwood can be installed in many areas of your home like bedrooms, living rooms, and playrooms, and can also be installed above and below grade.


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