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Tigressá® is one of our exclusive carpet brands and a leader in the flooring industry. Its products combine luxurious softness with durability and performance. At Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer many of the top carpet and rug brands in the industry, including a beautiful selection of Tigressá carpets in a wide range of styles. We’re your local source for carpets and other flooring. Visit our Oneida, NY location if you’re looking for the best carpet store near you. 


What is Tigressá Carpet?


Deciding on the right carpet for your home is no easy task, especially if you have to compromise between style, affordability, strength, and softness. Tigressá is anything but a compromise. It’s made from premium nylon, which is considered the most durable carpet fiber available. If you’ve never felt a Tigressá carpet, we suggest you make your way down to our showroom to view our collection in person. Each Tigressá products is made using high-tensile denier filaments that are about half the size of a human hair, which creates an impressively soft texture. 


Best Carpet Brand for Families, Pets, and Busy Homes


Tigressá is ideal for busy households with pets and children. Besides its ultra-soft texture, it’s stronger and more durable than other brands thanks to several innovative features. It has more filaments per square inch of carpet, which add softness, as well as durability. The fibers spread out more evenly than other carpets when stepped on to prevent matting and wear over time. Tigressá carpets are also stain-resistant and moisture-wicking, and we even offer Tigressá H20, which is 100% waterproof and has a state-of-the-art industrial backing that prevents spills from moving below the floor’s surface and causing damage to the pad and subfloor below. 


Style Meets Performance


While many people feel they need to choose between a beautiful looking carpet and a high-performance floor, with Tigressá, you get the full package. We carry a wide range of gorgeous styles, colors, and patterns that beautifully complement any home. Tigressá also has a patented color enhancement system that provides deeper and longer-lasting colors that won’t fade over time.



To learn more about Tigressá, contact Mazzullo & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit us to see our products in person and chat with our friendly, experienced staff. 



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